v0.5.1 – Launch 11/7/10
Fixes phones which where getting FC, and Silenced Alarms from Incoming Calls while the Alarm was active.
–Set to pause Alarm while call is incoming, and continue Alarm if the Call was not answered.
— IF the call was answered, the alarm is Silenced and a Notification Pops.
–If on a call while an alarm goes active you get a call waiting beep and a dismiss dialog.
— Set to Pause Alarm if it goes active while a Call is Ringing (Which would be bad timing but possible which was the reason I added the fix) and resumes the Alarm if the call isn’t
answered. If it is, Alarm is Silenced.
–Changed some coding in Main page to speed it up.

This seems to be the last bug that needed to be resolved ASAP after the last update, hence the reason of such a fast update. This should resolve any and all stability issues. For the next update it will be focused mainly on Features. Expect  it with-in a month.