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Alarm Clock MAX V0.5.2

Quick update to fix issues with some phones not showing the intro screen. This would case users to think the App was not loading. Changed the theme around and tested with X10.

Alarm Clock MAX Version 0.5.1

v0.5.1 – Launch 11/7/10
Fixes phones which where getting FC, and Silenced Alarms from Incoming Calls while the Alarm was active.
–Set to pause Alarm while call is incoming, and continue Alarm if the Call was not answered.
— IF the call was answered, the alarm is Silenced and a Notification Pops.
–If on a call while an alarm goes active you get a call waiting beep and a dismiss dialog.
— Set to Pause Alarm if it goes active while a Call is Ringing (Which would be bad timing but possible which was the reason I added the fix) and resumes the Alarm if the call isn’t
answered. If it is, Alarm is Silenced.
–Changed some coding in Main page to speed it up.

This seems to be the last bug that needed to be resolved ASAP after the last update, hence the reason of such a fast update. This should resolve any and all stability issues. For the next update it will be focused mainly on Features. Expect  it with-in a month.

Alarm Clock MAX v0.5.0

v0.5.0 – Launch 11/4/10
–Multiple UI Changes
–To prepare for future features the DB has
been updated and it will be the last time.

This will be the last time the Database gets dumped.
I added Full Screen view to get more out of the screen with out the need of having to scroll.
I added several things to the “front page” so you don’t have to go into the alarm to see your settings.

Coming soon will be the ability to use media on your Internal Storage for the Random Selectors. This is one of the reasons for the Database changes. I also plan to implement several more “per alarm” options such as snooze times, ways to snooze or dismiss, disabling snooze, alarm times outs, and alarm time out if battery level low.

If you have any problems feel free to email me.

If you have any feature requests feel free to post a comment here or @ here.

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