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Alarm Clock MAX V0.3.1

–Code Cleanup. Preparing for next feature update.

Alarm Clock MAX V0.3.0

Update v0.3.0

–Added Choose Random Song From Album
–Added Intro Pop-Up (Only pops up once)

Alarm Clock MAX Version 0.2.1

Updated to add support for Android Versions 1.5 up.

Alarm Clock MAX Version 0.2.0

Updates for the free version. Paid Version Updated!

v0.2.0 – Launch 9/14/10 – free / TBD – paid
–Reworked the Set Alarm Menu
–Added Update Info link in About Menu
–Added Play Random Song By Artist

Paid version coming soon.

Alarm Clock MAX

Paid Ad Free Edition Added to the market. Free edition also updated to Version 0.1.1.

Paid version has no locks on amount of alarms, and of course is ad free, though does implement the Market License Check.

Please let me know if you have any errors or problems.

–Added About Menu @ Main Menu
–Added Exit Button @ Main Menu

In the works
–Playlist Picker for Alarm
–Artist Picker for Alarm
–Album Picker for Alarm
–Visual Clean Up

Alarm Clock MAX Free Edition

–Allows you to set a song for an Alarm Tone.
–You can set your alarms to repeat 7 days a week.
–If you have any problems feel free to email me at the address on the market.
–This version is locked to 3 total alarms.
–This version had ads
–This version supports Donut and higher. (Android Version 1.6 +)
–Currently the Upgrade Page will only default you to all my Apps in the Market as I have not released the paid version yet.

Use the menu button in the main screen to edit the default properties such as, alarm volume, Vol Key to Snooze, Snooze Time…

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